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Planet Chef

This season of Planet Chef features four new episodes with four new chefs: Aude Moulard, Jules Selukov, Elody Tchuente and Arnaud Marchand. Opening their restaurants abroad, all of them have used their talent to export French gastronomy across borders. Just like in previous seasons, we will follow these exceptional chefs into the kitchens of their …Read more »


Gone Good: Ode de Fromage

A look at the role of fungi in cheese making as told by French cheese makers and expert fermentation specialists. Director: Hamilton Pevec


How is sauerkraut made? With this question film-maker Dhiney Ramos went on a search for this recipe from the south of Brazil. He first ate it when he came to live in the Netherlands. This is a typical Dutch winter dish. In the Low Countries the dish is called ‘zuurkool’. The film maker decides to …Read more »