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Is there a true uruguayan cuisine identity? Criollo explores the cuisine of a country build by immigrants. Flavors, aromas and legacy are shown also through the life of a renowned chef, who was born in the country side. Director: Pablo Banchero

Another Harvest

After a year of caring for the plant, the time has come to harvest the grapes. It is time to reveal what nature and hard work have forged. The party where the hands of all the workers are important starts. Another harvest begins. Director: Pablo Banchero

Arkansas Dairy Bars: Neat Eats and Cool Treats

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a dairy bar as “A snack bar that sells ice cream and other refreshments.” Here in Arkansas, it describes a whole selection of restaurants we love. What makes a dairy bar different from other food establishments? It’s a location that serves ice cream – and sustenance other than ice cream, …Read more »

Spicy Calabria

A poetic travel in Calabria region, discovering the secrets of spicy food and the spicy way of living of Southern Italy. Director: Giacomo Arrigoni

Oh Crap…

Sh*t gets real. Director: Oscar Li