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The Amphora Project – Past Forward

Ancient winemaking vessels are being explored by winemakers in San Luis Obispo County, California. Renowned author and wine-educator Karen MacNeil and today’s top winemakers lead us on a journey from 6,000 BC to today. Produced by The WIne History Project of San Luis Obispo County and Partners 2 Media. Director: Timothy Clott, Libbie Agran


Lebanon’s wine culture stretches back, almost 7,000 years, and the second millennium BC, the Phoenicians, a Canaanite people who inhabited the Levantine coast, created a powerful trading empire that gave the gift of wine to the then known world, including Greece and ancient Rome. WINE and WAR is a feature documentary about the history of …Read more »

Peeled: Cooking up Compassion

The First 100% Vegan Cooking Competition Show! In each episode of Peeled, contestants throw the flame to be named hottest vegan chef, or get Peeled into the compost. With reputable names in vegan culinary arts like Chef Babette and Chef Josie from Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen, Peeled is bringing serious vegan heat. Director: David …Read more »


RAMINI is a short documentary about a water buffalo farm in Tomales Bay, CA. Narrated by Audrey, one of Ramini Mozzarella’s co-founders, RAMINI navigates the day-to-day maintenance of the farm. It showcases Audrey’s unique sustainable farming approach – one that demonstrates a mutually beneficial relationship between animal and farmer – as well as her deep …Read more »

Cooking Isn’t Love

Guido is a young chef who finally dare to confront his mentor in order to gain confidence in himself and become a better chef. A chef who is not afraid to do his own thing and work in his way. Director: Eduardo Alfonso Noblecilla Rubio