Arkansas Dairy Bars: Neat Eats and Cool Treats

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines a dairy bar as “A snack bar that sells ice cream and other refreshments.” Here in Arkansas, it describes a whole selection of restaurants we love. What makes a dairy bar different from other food establishments? It’s a location that serves ice cream – and sustenance other than ice cream, like burgers, or hot dogs. It serves these delights from a window at a permanent establishment.

Most of Arkansas’s dairy bars have long roots into the past, some having been in existence 50 years or more. There are a few younger joints here and there. All of them fit into the category of classic eateries.

Come travel with Arkansas food historian Kat Robinson to every corner of Arkansas, to seek out delectable dishes and the stories behind the folks that make them, on this fantastic culinary itinerary of Arkansas dairy bars.

Director: Кэт Робинсон (Kat Robinson)