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Itsasoak pizten gaitu

The essence of Getaria (Basque Country) is in the sea, so maritime history and stories are very important for the village. It is the wake of the people from Getaria. That is the starting point of the documentary. The roots. Throughout history this fishing village has entered the sea. They completely dominate the area and …Read more »

Taste of the Land, Flavor of People

“SAGRA” a popular restaurant in Sapporo, moves to the countryside of Yoichi with high hopes. However, they struggle to attract customers as they had envisioned, leading to days of anguish. The story depicts their new challenges and their efforts to work with the locals to expand their circle. The dishes, filled with love and respect …Read more »

The Amphora Project – Past Forward

Ancient winemaking vessels are being explored by winemakers in San Luis Obispo County, California. Renowned author and wine-educator Karen MacNeil and today’s top winemakers lead us on a journey from 6,000 BC to today. Produced by The WIne History Project of San Luis Obispo County and Partners 2 Media. Director: Timothy Clott, Libbie Agran


Lebanon’s wine culture stretches back, almost 7,000 years, and the second millennium BC, the Phoenicians, a Canaanite people who inhabited the Levantine coast, created a powerful trading empire that gave the gift of wine to the then known world, including Greece and ancient Rome. WINE and WAR is a feature documentary about the history of …Read more »

Peeled: Cooking up Compassion

The First 100% Vegan Cooking Competition Show! In each episode of Peeled, contestants throw the flame to be named hottest vegan chef, or get Peeled into the compost. With reputable names in vegan culinary arts like Chef Babette and Chef Josie from Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen, Peeled is bringing serious vegan heat. Director: David …Read more »