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Pre-British, the wine of Marsala beyond Marsala

This is the story of a forgotten wine from the past and the four winemakers who have reinterpreted it for the present day. At the end of the 18th Century the English trader John Woodhouse travelled to Sicily and created Marsala after having tasted the local ancestral wine, the Perpetuo, which was made with only …Read more »

Loose Change: A Memoir of Childhood

A man-child sets off to buy a new cage for his beloved hamster, but is enticed into a world of hedonism. He must become resourceful to make ends meet Director:  Andrew Bateman

Flat Out Food: PORK

Hosted by author and journalist Jenn Sharp, Flat Out Food is a gorgeous documentary series that illuminates viewers about unique Saskatchewan ingredients while exploring their journey from the field to the plate. Jenn visits a diverse organic farm to learn how pigs are raised ethically and sustainably and then enjoys a true farm to table …Read more »


Is there a true uruguayan cuisine identity? Criollo explores the cuisine of a country build by immigrants. Flavors, aromas and legacy are shown also through the life of a renowned chef, who was born in the country side. Director: Pablo Banchero

Another Harvest

After a year of caring for the plant, the time has come to harvest the grapes. It is time to reveal what nature and hard work have forged. The party where the hands of all the workers are important starts. Another harvest begins. Director: Pablo Banchero