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Call Me a Cab-Episode 1

Call Me a Cab is a series about tasting wine without intimidation. In each episode we pair wines with food suggestions from the internet and taste them with our special (occasional celebrity) guests, Director: JoAnne McGrath

Tasty rhymes

The story of two poetesses – mother and daughter, who live in the world of their fantasies And only the love of brutal men can make them happy. It is especially important that their partners appreciate delicious food and know how to enjoy life. Director: Mary Darskaya, Yury Kasmynin

8102 ARIM

A private is sent to La Teste, a small town in south of France where The whole city seems to have disappeared overnight. Director: Brice Blanloeil


The eccentric sommelier and author Conrad Seidl sets out on a tasty journey around the globe to discover famous beer styles and experience new flavors. A new series / 4x 52 Minutes 4 continents, 12 countries, and 30 cities where some of the most interesting and even obscure beer styles have been invented or brewed …Read more »

Romeo and Guilietta Ice-Cream

Romeo and Juliet’s story re-told with gelato. Director: Phillip Whiteman