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Champagne explores the experiences of a young chef striving to succeed in her career, stuck somewhere between finding her own way and learning how (and when) to ask for help when she needs it. Champagne is the head chef in a special kitchen that caters to the culinary needs of the incorporeal, offering spiritual nourishment …Read more »

Words Behind Berries

By investigating the creative process of preparing jam, a filmmaker and a cook develop a recipe of friendship, reflecting on food, art, and love. Director: Andressa Back


An intimate portrait of a sweet shop that has been an anchor for the Japanese-American community in Little Tokyo since 1903. The ingredients of the brightly-colored pieces of mochi-gashi that line Fugetsu-Do’s wood-paneled cases include so much more than rice flour and sweet bean paste. Mixed inside are stories of joy and pain, tradition and …Read more »

The Swamp

The life in the city is tiring to some, to others it is inspirational, and some drown in it. And to find the new and tasty you need to travel to restricted places. Director: Alexander Barancheev

Kadaisi echarikai

This social awarenes film is about a normal human facing trouble in daily consuming foods, with toxic pesticides mixing items. one morning the lead roller think to brushing his teeth with paste, but he knowing the fluoride effects,so he avoid .Then he going to drink a tea , suddenly he knows toxic content of the …Read more »