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American Marriage

Leonardo, an Italian immigrant who lives in New York, marries a Latina woman, Nikki, to obtain the American greencard. Through the comedy of it all Nikki and Leo fall in love “for real” but it looks like “Uncle Sam” will be the one to have the last laugh. Director: Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

The Amber Light

In this journey through the lesser-known parts of Scottish whisky culture, we follow spirits writer Dave Broom on his quest to gain a deeper understanding of his national drink. While whisky has never been as popular, it is often seen in the context of being a brand which sits outside people’s lives. It’s often thought …Read more »


Si la vida te da brócoli, pide una pizza. (If life bring you broccoli, order a pizza!) Director: Ivan Sainz-Pardo


Is a show that the Xemei brothers, the Italians twins that own the go-to places in Barcelona, have made to showcase authentic, back-to-roots, experiences in food. They learn and then create a new food experience on-site, like a music remix played only once, starting with Elkano which is like the grilled-fish temple in the world, …Read more »

Juice of life

Juice of life (Succo di vite) is a documentary that portrays a whole year in Valli Unite, an alternative agricultural cooperative in North Italy. Through interviews with its protagonists and material in the field, the viewer will learn about the daily life of this cooperative, its philosophy, its history and its plans for the future. …Read more »