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Black Series #1

The products of our table – Eggs, milk, butter, cheese … on a black background. Director: Jacek Szymanski

Italy In Bocca: The world rarest, funkiest cookbooks

20 rare cookbooks, 4 wild dishes, 2 best friends, 1 good thing to come out of the pandemic. Shot in one day just before quarantine, two friends use a series of rare Italian cookbooks to take a virtual trip to 4 fantastic regions of Italy without leaving their kitchen. “Sourcing the absolute best ingredients from …Read more »

Flat Out Food: PORK

Hosted by author and journalist Jenn Sharp, Flat Out Food is a gorgeous documentary series that illuminates viewers about unique Saskatchewan ingredients while exploring their journey from the field to the plate. Jenn visits a diverse organic farm to learn how pigs are raised ethically and sustainably and then enjoys a true farm to table …Read more »

Cook Off

A struggling single mother from downtown Harare enters a reality TV cooking show. Director: Tomas L Brickhill

Call Me a Cab-Episode 1

Call Me a Cab is a series about tasting wine without intimidation. In each episode we pair wines with food suggestions from the internet and taste them with our special (occasional celebrity) guests, Director: JoAnne McGrath