Winners 2019

Winners of Ambrosia Food & Drink Film Festival 2019

Best Feature Film

Andre Pellenz Taste Matts (Brazil)

A settled and stubborn brazilian chef falls in love with a young and determined manager, sent by the investing partners to make the business turn profit, with authority to even change the menu. Challenged by the arrogance of the young woman, he takes up his old creative grip – but at this moment he discovers that his sense of taste has gone. But he finds a solution in a new and bizarre menu, based on brazilian traditions and african-related religions.

Best Short Film

Magnus Porsmose Petersen, Mikkel Hougaard Sørensen Bolobrain (Denmark)

Two gangsters get in a fiddle after the hostage, they are supposed to blackmail, compliments their spaghetti bolognese.

Best Animated Short

Mabel Aurora, Carabelli Del Nido Gulambre (Argentina, Chile)

Every day Azul wakes up late and has breakfast with candy (even having breakfast made by Mother), lunch fast food and dinner in front of the TV. Until one day he wakes up with a hole in the belly. It is then that Grandpa calls him to review “the book” with which they will be guided to learn to fish and plant.

Best Feature Documentary

Marko Raat Kitchen Triptych (Estonia)

‘A day in the life’ of the kitchens of some of Estonia’s top restaurants.

Best Short Documentary

Alex García Martinez Remixers (Spain)

Is a show that the Xemei brothers, the Italians twins that own the go-to places in Barcelona, have made to showcase authentic, back-to-roots, experiences in food. They learn and then create a new food experience on-site, like a music remix played only once, starting with Elkano which is like the grilled-fish temple in the world, and had never let anyone in their kitchen before.

Best Web Series Episode

Klaas de Jong, Marc Waltman Wine Masters — Italy (Netherlands)

Wine Masters is an independent cinematic documentary series on terroir, taste and tradition through the experience of some of the most prestigious wine producing families from each wine region in Italy.

Best Music Video

Alexandra Gascón It’s so hot! (Spain)

Once upon a time there was a blonde girl in shorts on TV. It was summer and it was very hot. She only wanted to have fun and eat an ice-lolly. Heat, beach, do you prefer lemon or strawberry?

Best Recipie Video

Roberto Serrini The Be End Burger (Germany)

The Greatest Burger ever built by humans has been recorded in mind blowing stop animation. No bun? No … no bun … this burger is beyond the petty bun.

Best Commercials

Jacek Szymanski Melvit (Poland)

Food & Drink Commercials.